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Five New Posters!

Five New Posters!

Just in time for you to give yourself some new gifts this holiday season, we have five brand new posters ready to go! Take a look, along with all the updates and changes to our poster collection:
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Meeting Expectant Parents Where They Are

Meeting Expectant Parents Where They Are

Some expectant parents are eager to know everything about pregnancy, birth and beyond and actively seek information from all sorts of sources. Other parents having a baby may not realize how much there is to learn, or they may simply be uninterested. Sometimes parents are busy with other areas of life, and/or believe they will learn what they need to know as they go. Regardless of where they are starting their journey of learning, all parents benefit from being prepared for the changes pregnancy can bring and becoming informed about the process they will go through during labor and birth. 

As an educator, doula or health care provider, you can...

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New Posters

New Posters

We are happy to share some exciting news! We have four new posters available to help you inform parents about healthy pregnancy, comfort measures and postpartum expectations. A new sleek design, eye-catching photos and practical information, make these high-quality visual aids unlike anything else available! 
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A look back at 2016

A look back at 2016

2016 has been an eventful year at Plumtree Baby! Take a look at the updates and new resources we created this year! 

Brand new Preparing for Birth book

We merged three popular resources into one complete guide for pregnancy, birth, postpartum and newborn care. Our Preparing for Birth book has become a staple in hundreds of childbirth courses taught around the country and beyond! Learn more about this update here

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Steps for Creating a Curriculum

Steps for Creating a Curriculum

Ask most experienced educators and they will likely tell you that a curriculum is an essential tool for any course. The curriculum provides a "big picture" of your overall goals and then helps you identify the practical steps to reach those goals, such as choosing the specific topics and teaching strategies. 
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Aussies, buy local!

Aussies, buy local!

We are thrilled to announce that Australian customers can now purchase many of our teaching resources from a local source! birthwell birthright stocks many of our items
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Plumtree Baby Childbirth Curriculum Overview

Here's a short and sweet overview of what's included in our Childbirth Curriculum. Learn how to save time and teach fun, engaging classes using evidence-based and up-to-date information.

See preview pages and more here:

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Childbirth Curriculum Q&A Video

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New and Improved Childbirth Curriculum

Childbirth Curriculum Childbirth Educators need resources to support the type of class that they want to teach and to meet the needs of their potential students. Though there are many training programs available, there are not many resources for what and how to teach. This is one of the driving forces behind what we do a Plumtree Baby: to give you the modern and informative tools and resources that you need. You can read more about how we got started and what we are all about in our article "How Plumtree Baby Was Born."  

While some educators prefer to teach a particular method with a fixed format and curriculum, others desire to have a more customized approach and to adjust their curriculum to meet the ever changing needs of their students. We published our Childbirth Curriculum in 2012 to help you develop a course that is tailored to your students, while also giving you the tools to inspire learning, provide up-to-date references and resources, and create engaging class activities. It provides a framework for you to quickly and easily plan and market your unique childbirth courses. 

Second Edition Childbirth Curriculum

Our first Childbirth Curriculum has been a huge success, and we are excited to announce that the second edition is complete! Based on your feedback and new research in the field of birth, we have been working for the past several months to revise and expand the curriculum to better match the content of our parent guides (the booklets in the Complete Set) and to give you even more resources and activities to use in your classes. Our Second Edition Childbirth Curriculum is now available and includes detailed lessons and specific teaching strategies for each of our booklets, as well as activities and resources to supplement your course. As before, the curriculum comes with a CD-Rom containing the resources, handouts and marketing materials that you may print for your personal use or for distribution to your clients. The CD (Class Activities and Handouts) is also available for purchase separate from the Curriculum. 

*For a limited time, you will receive a free Complete Set with the purchase of our Second Edition Childbirth Curriculum. Place your order by December 31 and you will automatically receive your free Complete Set (no need to add it to you shopping cart). 

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Stages of Labor posters in Spanish and French

Last month we published our brand new Stages of Labor poster series with First Stage: Early Labor, First Stage: Active Labor, First Stage: Transition and Second Stage: Pushing posters. We now have these four posters available in Spanish and French. With clear, simple graphics and up-to-date information, these posters are already popular teaching tools.

The posters are available in small (11 by 17" - Desktop Display size) or large (18 by 24"). In addition, these posters are now included in our Desktop Poster Display. If you already own the display, you can add the set of four small posters for $40. 


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International Customers

Learn more about international ordering!
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Great Shipping Rates Worldwide!

When you place an order, you now have the option to choose between fast shipping (2-3 days* using USPS Priority Mail) or more affordable shipping (using USPS Medial Mail). Now you can meet your deadline or stretch your budget with the choice that is right for you. In a rush? Add a note when you place an order and we'll do our best to ship as quickly as possible. 

*Allow an additional 1-3 days for order processing.

We also now have international shipping options for the following countries and are happy to add additional countries to our list. Send us an email with your country request!















New Zealand






United Kingdom

United States

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