Integrated Teaching Resources

We are committed to providing resources that not only look professional, but are also comprehensive and up-to-date. Our resources are fully integrated; educator tools, visual aids and parent resources work together seamlessly. Our integrated tools save you time, energy and money, plus they can be customized for your organization! 

Childbirth Curriculum

We believe that curriculums are more than just the books you give to parents. Curriculums are a "plan for learning" and prepare the educator to teach. Our curriculums contain the entire process for developing and teaching a course. They help you identify content (what to teach), organize the topics, present the information and most importantly, engage students in the process of learning. 

The table below summarizes the teaching resources that we offer for childbirth education. We encourage you to choose the tools that will save you time and provide the most effective solutions for your needs. Contact us if you need assistance selecting your resources. For other topics, visit our Teaching Aids catalog here

*Included in the Childbirth Curriculum.

Parent Handbooks

Our popular Preparing for Birth books integrate essential childbirth class topics into one comprehensive resource. It includes chapters for labor/birth, comfort measures and postpartum.

We have single topic booklets available in seven titles:

  • Healthy Pregnancy (English and Spanish)
  • The Birth Process*
  • Finding Comfort*
  • Following the Birth*
  • Birth Choices
  • Breastfeeding (English and Spanish)
  • Newborn Care 

*Preparing for Birth is a combination of The Birth Process, Finding Comfort and Following the Birth booklets.

PowerPoint Course Slides

PowerPoint is a versatile and effective way to enhance a class. Educators often use it to create a logical flow, stay on track and provide visuals that reinforce topics. Our professionally designed PowerPoints integrate with the corresponding parent handbooks and our Childbirth Curriculum.



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