Inspiring Ideas for Educators

Do your classes need a quick refresh or are you looking for ways to boost enrollment? Read on for ideas and inspiration from experienced educators.

Teaching Tips

We've currated useful articles with advice from experts to help you level up your classes, make teaching easier and inspire your creative juices.


Why some parents say “I didn’t learn anything in my birth class”

Learn how you can prevent this phenomenon in your classes.

Digital vs. Print Class Resources?

If you are offering virtual or in-person classes, you can use either digital or printed parent education materials. Here's how to choose.

Five Steps to Teaching Virtually

If you are just starting out or looking for tips to improve your virtual classes, we have outlined five steps to help.

Dynamic Classes with PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a versatile tool that has been used for years to enhance courses. However, it can detract from a course if it is done poorly. We share six tips for creating effective slides.

Incorporating Learning Models into Your Classes

Most experts agree, not everyone learns the same way and having a variety of strategies can foster engagement and learning. Read on for strategies you can put to use in your childbirth classes.

Business Boosts

If you're an independent educator or small business owner, you'll want to check out these tips to help your business grow and thrive.


Suggestions for Your Birth Business Website

Your website can be the key to attracting clients. It should be easy to read, professional and straightforward. Here are some tips for making your site shine.

Setting Goals for Growing Your Business

Without goals, we can easily get off course and not accomplish those things that are most meaningful to us. Goals are just as important in business as in life. Here are some tips for setting business goals.

Five Ways to Earn More as an Educator

Independent educators face many challenges, especially when it comes to growing their business. We share some tips to help boost your earnings.

Improve Communication with Potential Clients

Communication is at the heart of what you do. When potential clients contact you, how you respond can be key to earning the trust and business of the client. Read on for helpful communication tips.

Four Ways to Refresh Your CBE Classes

When you have been teaching for a while, it is easy to get stuck in a routine. Here are some fresh ideas to help bring a new level of excitement to your classes.

Guidance for New Educators

We've curated information to help you become an educator and take the first steps towards getting hired or building your own business.


Getting Started as a Childbirth Educator

Becoming a childbirth educator is exciting and rewarding, but not necessarily straightforward. This article will give you a starting point on your journey to teaching childbirth classes.

Professional Pathways for Breastfeeding Support

If providing breastfeeding education or support is your passion, there are several different avenues to make it your profession. This article will help you decide which is best for you.

Business Models for Educators: A Four Part Series

We detail four business models for teaching childbirth classes to help you select the best approach for your goals.

Workshops to Try

Offering a free or low cost workshop can provide valuable information to parents, while promoting your business services. We have outlined some common workshop themes and include tips for marketing them in this series.


Creating an Early Pregnancy Workshop

Educate parents about a variety of prenatal topics and also market other services you offer.

Creating a Settling In with Baby Workshop

This brief workshop can answer common questions about caring for a new baby and help parents identify areas where they could learn more while also promoting your services.

Creating an Intro to Breastfeeding Workshop

An Intro to Breastfeeding Workshop is a great way to give parents an overview of what they will learn in a longer class, and also provides an opportunity to market other services.