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About Us

Plumtree Baby was founded in 2011 and offers modern resources for childbirth and early parenting education.

Mission statement: To provide birth and postpartum professionals and their clients with thoughtful, evidence-based, visually-appealing, modern educational products that are easy to use, informative and economical.  

Our beliefs: When parents are aware of their options for birth and parenting, and receive support, they are empowered to make thoughtful decisions that are best for their family. Prenatal and postpartum education is crucial to the parenting experience and learning can be greatly enhanced by the materials used by birth professionals and expectant parents. High quality materials can increase knowledge and confidence in parents and save birth professionals time, energy and money.

Our products: Plumtree Baby provides modern childbirth education resources that meet the needs of both parents and professionals. Our products encourage informed decision-making and provide opportunities to learn about and discuss the advantages and drawbacks of many options, choices or situations during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum experience. Available products include full-color booklets covering a variety of topics, visual aids for the classroom, office or birth room, and comprehensive teaching resources. 

Our location: We are based out of Parker, Colorado (a suburb of Denver), though we do not have a physical store, we sell our products online nation-wide and internationally through our website.


Our Team

Julie Olson
Owner, Author, Lamaze Childbirth Educator, Lactation Educator and Retired Doula

Julie is the owner of Plumtree Baby, a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and a retired DONA Certified Labor Doula. Her passion for childbirth education was sparked in 2004 when Julie and her husband learned they were expecting their first child. Julie became passionate to learn all that she could about pregnancy and birth. Julie and her husband took a Bradley Method® course, read many books on birth, hired a doula and had an empowering birth experience. She and her husband know that the information they gathered during their pregnancy enabled them to achieve their goals for the birth of their daughter and also, a few years later, for the birth of their son.

Since Julie's transforming birth experiences, she has felt strongly that other women should have all of the education, preparation and support for their births that they desire. She became a childbirth educator in order to help other women have a healthy pregnancy and a gentle, fulfilling birth experience. 

After years of teaching, Julie created Plumtree Baby in 2011 (along with the help of her team) to provide childbirth educators, doulas and medical professionals with an array of modern, comprehensive and flexible teaching tools and resources. 


Katie Immel
Graphic Designer, Co-Author, ICEA Childbirth Educator, Doula

Katie Immel, ICCE, CD(DONA)Katie Immel is a graphic designer as well as an ICEA Certified Childbirth Educator and DONA Certified Labor Doula. Her love for pregnancy and birth began many years ago, and her hunger for information only grew when she and her husband learned they were expecting their first child in 2000. She gathered resources and information, took a class in The Bradley Method® and had a wonderful birth experience. After a second empowering birth welcoming their daughter, Katie chose to become certified to teach classes in The Bradley Method® and did so for six years. After her third child, she began offering doula services as well and became DONA certified in 2010. 

Katie believes that childbirth is a transforming experience and that it is critical that parents become fully informed about all aspects of birth and make the healthiest, safest choices for themselves and their babies. She is excited to be part of Plumtree Baby's work to bring information, support and resources to parents and birth professionals everywhere. 


Sara Peternell
Certified Nutrition Therapist

Sara Peternell is one of the preeminent nutrition practitioners in the Denver area and focuses her practice on family nutrition, fertility, pregnancy, and post-partum. Sara earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Drake University and completed the Master of Nutrition Therapy program at the Nutrition Therapy Institute.  As a graduate of this renowned program, she became a Certified Nutrition Therapist (CNT) and has been offering personalized nutrition services to individuals, children, families, non-profits and corporations since 2005.

Sara knows first-hand the benefits and necessity of excellent nutrition, which she puts to use in managing Hashimoto’s thyroid disease and Celiac disease and also after having experienced three miscarriages before becoming a mother to two children. She has a personal understanding of what nutritional approaches best assist with fertility, pregnancy and the post-partum period. 

Gregory Seymour
Gregory Seymour is a graduate of Bluffton University. He has had a passion for art his whole life. Gregory enjoys pencil and charcoal art, as well as digital illustrations. 


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