Boosting Enrollment With A Thoughtful Website

Regardless of the type of classes you teach or if you offer in-person, online, or a combination of both, filling your seats is vital to the success of your business. Boosting enrollment isn't just a challenge for new educators. Even the most seasoned among us struggle from time to time.

Remember your client first

Put yourself in your client's shoes and view your classes from their perspective. Of course, as an educator, you know everything there is to know about pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. But what about your target audience? 

Your ideal client has a lot of questions, and this is a pivotal moment in their lives. Your class can be an incredible educational experience they remember fondly years later if done correctly. Position yourself as the guide that provides the information they're looking for and answer their questions before they have a chance to ask them. The best place to start their educational journey is on your own website.

Have a great website

Your website is your online presence. It's a place where prospective parents can learn more about you and your classes and get a sense of what it would be like as a student. In the tech-heavy world that we live in, businesses without good websites, unfortunately, get passed over for those who have put more time and effort into their online space.

Be a problem solver

Although it's tempting to talk about yourself on your site, remember that prospective clients want to know what you can do to help them. Having an "About Me" page is okay, but keep your homepage focused on how your class benefits the reader. What problem do you solve for them?

Give a preview

Video is a powerful tool you can leverage on your website to give visitors a glimpse of what it's like to be part of your class. If you don't have video clips, set up a smartphone or digital camera on a tripod or simple stand in your next class and grab some footage. It doesn't have to be fancy, but be mindful of the volume. If video is not your thing, have a friend snap a few pictures of you in your next class to use on your website.

Simplify your message

There's a marketing phrase that says, "a confused mind never buys," and it applies to parents registering for classes too. You want to make the process simple and easy for them. Visitors should know exactly what to do to sign up for a class and shouldn't have to search through your site to find registration. Remember these tips:

  • Keep your call to action simple and upfront: "register here" or "sign up now" are great examples. 
  • Skip the temptation to have too many questions on your registration form. The more information you ask for, the greater your prospective client's chance to exit before hitting the submit button.
  • Be sure to list dates, times, and locations clearly at the top of the page
  • Include a FAQ section toward the bottom of the page and include any and all questions you are routinely asked or may be asked about your classes or registration process
  • Include your contact information so visitors can email or call if they have specific questions before registering.

Never underestimate the power of a testimonial

You know how powerful this is if you read reviews on Amazon and every other shopping site before purchasing. Your prospective clients want to know what other people think of your classes. They want to see if they're valuable, worth the time and money, and if they'll come out of the experience feeling more confident and prepared. Include a testimonial section on your site and include three to five testimonials. If your former students will allow you to share their pictures, that adds to the credibility factor and will also help boost your enrollment numbers.

When clients have a great experience on your website and get all their questions answered, it gives them the confidence that you'll deliver equally helpful information in your classes too. It also shows professionalism and dedication that will help increase your enrollment because you simply took the time to clarify and connect.

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