Amazon Finds for Childbirth and Postpartum Educators Part 2: Student Engagement Edition

We recently began a new series* here on the blog with our favorite Amazon finds for your business as a childbirth educator. If you missed that post, you can find it here.

With so much online information, finding the right resources to enhance your teaching style can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Amazon offers a wealth of affordable products that can benefit your business.

Today, we'll highlight more of our favorite Amazon finds that can help you keep your students engaged in class.

Take Notes

For some learning styles, taking notes dramatically helps retain spoken information. While blank paper or fill-in worksheets are helpful for some, many students need more space and organization for their note-taking. Rather than asking them to bring their own notebook from home, providing one for them to use is a lot less hassle. This 40-pack of Kraft-lined notebooks for less than $1 each is a great solution!

Visual Aids

One of the essential aspects of a childbirth education class is understanding the anatomy of the pelvis and how it relates to giving birth. But explaining what a pelvis looks like or relying on an image is a challenge. However, seeing a real-life model of a pelvis can be incredibly helpful. You can use the model (along with a baby doll) to help your students visualize the process of childbirth and understand how their baby will move through the pelvis during labor. It can also help connect the dots on why some labor positions are more helpful than others.

Versatile Organizing

Often, childbirth classrooms are lacking desks or tables, so instead of trying to write on paper balanced on their knees, provide clipboards to your students instead. Clipboards are convenient for note-taking and keep paperwork organized. These clipboards have the added feature of doubling as dry erase boards (don't forget to grab some markers, too). Students can use their white boards for games and quizzes or draw and doodle during class. Then, they can return the boards to you once class is done, so they can be reused over and over again.

Fuel the Brain

No matter the time of day, having a high-protein snack helps set the stage for better learning and classroom engagement. If your class falls at the end of the workday, your students might not have time to grab dinner. Having high-protein snacks ready like these protein bars or trail mix can help tide them over and keep their minds engaged in class. 


If you regularly have large classes, having enough birth balls for everyone can be a challenge. However, we recommend that each student bring their own birth ball with them to class and we recommend these for their strength and durability. While we're all familiar that birth balls can benefit core strength, fetal position, and hip flexibility, they also provide a comfortable sitting option with movement that promotes attention. So encourage parents to move, bounce or sway (especially those that look like they are nodding off)!

Are there any items that you absolutely LOVE using in your classes that we haven't mentioned? Please send us an email here and let us know! We'll include it in our next article.

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