Top Amazon Finds for Childbirth and Postpartum Educators

Do you feel disorganized? 

Do you need six more arms to carry everything into each class? 

Do you scroll through Instagram and envy those super-organized influencers who seem to have everything together?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, we’re here to help! 

You don’t NEED these items to be a great educator. If money is tight, you can skip these. We include a variety of price points to try to accommodate all budgets. Consider adding one new item at a time as your budget allows.

You’ll be amazed at how much more streamlined your classes will become when you add tools that make your life easier!

Put an end to class material disorganization

When you’re prepping for a class, you’re likely to have a variety of materials to keep up with. There are books, handouts, flyers, activities, and more. Check out these zippered mesh pouches if you’re ready to upgrade from the standard manilla folder system. They come in a 30-piece set and various colors, so you can use different colored bags for different types of items. 

Another idea is to use one pouch for each student to have a handy storage solution to keep all their class materials in one place.

Handouts all over the place?

Not anymore. Consider using an expanding accordion file folder like this one from Amazon. Label each pocket with the corresponding class name, insert the appropriate handouts, and you’ll be ready to go. You can also keep class rosters, contracts, and payments organized in one place.

No TV? No problem!

PowerPoint presentations and videos are great tools, especially for visual learners. But to use them, you'll need access to a television or large computer monitor, which may not be available in all locations you teach. You can solve that problem by using this digital projector. All you need is an empty wall, and you’ll be ready to go. At under $100, this is a budget-friendly solution that will easily fit into your bag.

Two perfect totes

Transporting your materials can be challenging. You need a bag that fits everything you need while being sturdy and easy to use. There’s nothing worse than fighting to get into a bag when trying to pack up quickly at the end of class or rummaging around to find supplies in an unorganized “black pit” that some bags become. If you don’t have too much to carry and don’t mind carrying the bag with your hands, this striped tote stands up on its own, will stay open, and fits a lot!

If you need something more back-and-shoulder friendly, you’ll want a rolling organizer bag like this one. While it is marketed as a “craft tote,” with multiple pockets, a wide top opening, and a price point below $70, it is perfect for packing all of your materials without causing added back or shoulder strain.

Liven up your classes with friendly competition


There’s a reason why game shows were once so popular. Everyone, no matter their age, loves a good game with prizes and some friendly competition. In addition, games help to reinforce concepts you teach in your classes. Using buzzers like these is a fun way to introduce fun into your lessons.

From “thank yous” to game prizes


We all like receiving a little gift now and again. So whether it’s thanking your students for choosing your class or serving as a prize after a classroom game, here are a few economical ideas that you can pick up right on Amazon:

  • Scalp massagers: These work as an excellent relaxation tool during labor!
  • Stress balls: Like the massagers above, they can help as a distraction tool during labor and beyond.
  • Popping keychain: Adults and children love these, especially those with anxiety or stress
  • Water bottles: Hydration is essential for every mama. This 16-pack of glass water bottles with protective sleeves comes under $25 and is perfect during labor and beyond.

Are there any items that you love that we should have included on this list? If so, please send us an email here, and we’ll include it in our next update!

Up next, check out our blog on practical storage solutions for posters or check out more Amazon finds in our next post. 

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