Amazon Finds Part 3: Essentials for Childbirth Educators

We're back with the third part of our series spotlighting practical and innovative finds on Amazon, designed to support childbirth educators in their classes. Each of these items has been tried, tested, and recommended by professionals in our community. 

If you missed either of the previous posts in this series, you can find Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.

Classroom Timer

Keeping time during discussions or activities is crucial to maintaining the flow and schedule of your lessons. One of our customers, Jessica P., recommends a particular classroom timer she discovered.

Jessica's verdict: "This classroom timer is a MUST HAVE. I love it for small group discussions and for keeping me on track during appointments."

This timer's user-friendly design can help ensure your sessions run smoothly and efficiently.

Mindfulness Cards


Refresh your teaching style with a deck of 52 mindfulness and meditation exercises. These cards offer diverse ways to incorporate mindfulness into your classes, either as opening or closing exercises or incorporated into group activities.

Conversation Starter Cards

Spark interesting discussions and help parents connect with these conversation starter cards. They offer an easy and fun way to get to know one another, share experiences, and discuss a variety of topics.

Dry Erase Clipboards

Since most childbirth classrooms lack traditional desks, dry-erase clipboards offer a practical solution for parents to fill out handouts and manage paperwork. These versatile clipboards double as whiteboards, perfect for engaging games and quizzes or for tactile learners who prefer to draw or doodle during class.

Large Post-it Pad

Large Post-it pads are a practical addition to any childbirth educator's toolkit, perfect for jotting down class goals, capturing the fruits of brainstorming sessions, or saving questions for later discussions.

Portable Seating

Variety is the spice of life and applies to seating options, too. This is especially important if you host classes in unconventional settings like clinics or yoga studios. Providing portable and comfortable seating options will make your classes more accommodating and pleasant for expectant parents.

Floor chairs

These highly rated, portable chairs are a great option for comfort during class while also encouraging flexibility. They can be purchased in bulk for a discount! 

Birth Ball Covers

Birth balls are an excellent seating option, offering comfort while aiding with posture and movement. We found these convenient covers equipped with a carrying handle to enhance their portability and handling.

Stay tuned for our next installment in the series. Let us know if you've discovered any must-have tools or products that help make your childbirth classes more engaging and efficient! We're always looking for great finds to share with our community.

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