Your Book Cover Matters More than You Think

Despite the timeless advice not to judge a book by its cover, we know that people do just that.1 Our visual brains are constantly scanning, interpreting and making judgments about the world around us. According to research, first impressions are made in under one second and are "completely visual and based almost entirely on emotion and feeling." 

As perinatal professionals, often one of the first interactions you have with clients is providing them with materials (books or handouts) as part of your classes or services. Providing high-quality resources gives a good first impression and lets clients know that you are professional, trustworthy and competent. As we all know, first impressions are extremely important!

What message are you sending?

The book you provide is “communicating” with your clients before they open it. The overall cover design should easily convey an expectation of the book’s contents and excite the reader to learn more. The look and feel of your book can also suggest a certain level of quality for the course, instructor, and your organization as a whole. Clients are quickly sizing up your company, in the first few seconds!

What to look for in a cover

A good book cover sparks interest and engagement in the reader. Here are some key cover features to consider:

  • Contemporary style and artwork
  • Easy to read font and title
  • Compelling, clear and descriptive title
  • Unique and attractive design

Is your brand front and center?

It is likely that your business has spent time and money developing a brand to help distinguish you from your competition and provide consistency across your organization. Wouldn’t it be helpful if your your educational resources included your branding (business name, logo, etc.)? Seeing your name or logo on a high-quality resource adds tremendous credibility and status for your company. Branding matches your clients’ expectations that you and your organization are the experts; after all, you have your own book! Branding can also reduce confusion by removing another company’s name from your resource and makes it easy for clients to remember and get in touch with you in the future.

Let us help

Branding is easier than ever with Plumtree Baby’s new options that give you flexibility to create the perfect resource for your organization. Our popular Prenatal Welcome Packets and childbirth education booklets can be customized for your organization. 

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1 Lickerman, Alex. “Judging a Book By Its Cover.” Psychology Today, Sussex Publishers, 26 Aug. 2012,

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