Customer Spotlight: The Womb Room

At Plumtree Baby, we believe in listening to our customers and consistently working to meet their needs. We're excited to launch a new feature on our blog, the Customer Spotlight Interview. We'll highlight one of our incredible customers in each edition and share their stories.

This month, we'd like to introduce you to The Womb Room, a Perinatal Wellness Center in Baltimore, Maryland. 

First, can you tell us about The Womb Room and what you do?

The Womb Room supports growing families around our cities AND around the globe online. Everyone needs a community and a village, and that's precisely what The Womb Room provides. From fertility through parenthood, we offer a safe haven for those navigating the unknowns of planning, carrying, birthing, and raising babies.

The Womb Room started in 2015 as a small Prenatal Yoga community. Over the years, it's grown into an epic ecosystem of services, including Prenatal, Postnatal, and Baby & Me Yoga classes. We also provide Mental Health Support, Childbirth Education, Birth & Postpartum Doula Services, Lactation Support, and more. 

We offer flexible packages, memberships, and free and insurance-covered services. Visiting the Womb Room is the best way to ease your transition to parenthood while making friends and life-long connections along the way.

What is your biggest struggle in operating your business?

Each of our services and programs has so many different moving parts, unique needs, and challenges. It can be a lot to manage when you put everything together.


You recently ordered custom books from Plumtree Baby. Why did you decide to try custom branding?

We ordered Preparing for Birth and Newborn Care books branded with our logo to use in our childbirth education classes.

We wanted to portray a professional look to our clients and give them a product they felt like they could trust. Being able to add our logo, contact information, and photos in the book definitely accomplished that!

What is your favorite element of your custom design?

We love being able to add our own contact information right there in the book. The information in the books is very high quality and the entire branding process was very easy.

How have your custom-branded items changed your business?

Custom branding improved our education program. It helped us to provide a quality workbook that accompanies our teaching with our logo showing we approve of the content and stand by the information. Our hope is that if the workbook is trusted by our clients, they will spend more time referring back to it and will therefore feel more supported in their birth. An added benefit is that the book becomes a great marketing tool for our education program if our clients end up showing it to others.

Overall, how would you rank your custom branding experience with Plumtree Baby?

I would give it a 10 out of 10, and we will recommend it to colleagues.

Custom branding is a simple way to take your business to the next level. Discover more about how you can customize your own books and packets, just like Karen, by visiting Plumtree Baby.


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