Four All New Posters

You may have noticed we've been clearing out our old posters to make room for the new designs that are being published. For the majority of our posters, we have done a refresh with all new colors, updated imagery and simplified content.

However, there are four title that are brand new and you're not going to want to miss them!

Understanding Pregnancy

This is the perfect poster for hanging in exam rooms or to use when introducing clients to pregnancy at your first prenatal. This poster provides an over of what to expect for each trimester, tips for staying healthy and warning signs for pregnancy. 

It replaces the Healthy Pregnancy poster in our Childbirth Poster Set.


Newborn Needs


This is the first of three posters in our Newborn Poster Set that is brand new. This poster provides an overview of basic newborn needs and tips for new parents for how to best manage those needs in the first few weeks. 

Getting to Know Your Newborn

We've merged two of our former posters into one modern, informative design. Getting to Know Your Newborn helps parents understand common newborn characteristics and behaviors. 

The poster replaces the Newborn Appearance and Your Newborn posters in our Newborn Poster Set.

Soothing Your Baby

The stress and uncertainty that comes when your baby cries and you don't know what to do it one of the hardest challenges of new parenthood. This poster provides simple, helpful guidance for helping to comfort and calm a crying baby, in a straightforward and engaging manner. 

This poster replaces the Why Babies Cry poster in the Newborn Poster Set.


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