Three Essentials for Teaching

Educators rely on several different types of tools to help them effectively develop and teach early parenting education. We explore these essentials and include resources to learn more below.


Before class begins, you need a plan for what to teach, how to divide up the time and the overall structure of your class. Your plan should include a detailed outline of each topic and how you plan to teach it. A breakdown of the time and method to teach (also called a lesson plan) helps you stay on track. This comprehensive plan is often called a curriculum.

Resources for Building Your Curriculum

If you are a new educator or do not yet have a curriculum, we have lots of resources that can help. (If you're experienced, these will be helpful for you, too!)

Check out these articles and resources for inspiration:

What is a Curriculum?

Steps for Creating a Curriculum

Tips for Getting Organized

Ready-Made Teaching Curriculums


Listening to someone else talk is one of the least effective teaching methods. Mix up your classes with engaging visuals, interactive activities that allow parents to participate and discussions with parents leading the way.

Visual Aid Inspiration

The visual aids you use in class should help you look the part of an expert and professional in your field. They should be appealing, informative and have a contemporary style. The activities you provide in class can be enhanced with good visuals and make learning fun. Our Childbirth and Breastfeeding Curriculums include activities and suggestions for visual aids.

If you are just starting to build your collection or you are looking for some new ideas, check out these articles and resources:

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Visual Aid Collection 


Once class is over, parents may have weeks or months before they welcome their baby. It is important to have a way to reinforce and remind parents of what they learned, such as an informative handout or booklet they can refer back to.

Reinforce Concepts and Learning

Parents learn at different speeds and won't retain everything you cover in class. If they don't have a trustworthy guide to reference, they may rely on social media or internet searches fraught with misinformation. Our best selling book, Preparing for Birth covers all essential topics for pregnancy, labor and beyond. 

These helpful articles to share more for how you can enhance learning:

Meeting Expectant Parents Where They Are

Practicing Mindfulness

Parent Take-Home Materials


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