Meeting Expectant Parents Where They Are

Meeting Expectant Parents Where They Are

Some expectant parents are eager to know everything about pregnancy, birth and beyond and actively seek information from all sorts of sources. Other parents having a baby may not realize how much there is to learn, or they may simply be uninterested. Sometimes parents are busy with other areas of life, and/or believe they will learn what they need to know as they go. Regardless of where they are starting their journey of learning, all parents benefit from being prepared for the changes pregnancy can bring and becoming informed about the process they will go through during labor and birth. 

As an educator, doula or health care provider, you can meet the needs of most parents (including the super-inquisitive ones) by setting aside time to listen to their concerns and discuss their questions. They often benefit from your recommendations for reliable sources of information to further their education, such as classes, websites and apps. In addition, share a copy of the comprehensive Preparing for Birth book that parents can read on their own time. Preparing for Birth contains information on early pregnancy through postpartum recovery and is written in bit-sized topics with lots of full-color photos to enhance learning. 

For parents who feel ambivalent about labor or overwhelmed by too much information, it is still important to set aside time to listen and address their needs. However, instead of recommending a lot of resources, these parents may benefit from simple information that can be found in the Labor and Birth Quick Reference Guides. These full color handouts summarize the basics of labor using an easy-to-follow format that includes many photos and illustrations.

It is always useful to have a quick, easy-to-read guide to help us remember information or teach us something new (without overwhelming us). Parents who otherwise might not read a more lengthy book or take a class will have a quick summary that might even spark an interest to learn more. We recognize that you and your clients have diverse needs and we want to help you reach your clients, no matter their interest level. 

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