Teaching Tips: Storing and Displaying Posters

Posters are great teaching aids. They have informative visuals and promote dialog and questions from parents. If you use posters in your childbirth classes, you may find it challenging to find the best way to store and display them. Consider some of these ideas to make it easier for you to use and preserve your posters!

Mount them on foam board

Foam board is inexpensive and sturdy so it makes a great backing for posters. Rubber cement works well to permanently glue laminated posters to foam board. You can put one poster on each side or have notes/reminders on the back that you can reference when holding up the poster to the class. You can also add a small picture hanger to the back and hang it up on a nail.  

Use the Desktop Display (for small 11x17" posters only)

For smaller classes or one-on-one visits, the Desktop Poster Display is ideal. It has plastic sleeves which hold up to 20 posters (40 if you double them up) and posters can be arranged in any order. It collapses to less than an inch thick when not in use. 

Clip or stick posters to a dry erase board or foam board

Bulldog or binder clips work well to clip a poster to a thick surface and because posters are not permanently fixed to the board, you can roll them for storage. The clips also allow you interchange posters easily.

There are magnetic bulldog clips that stick to magnetic white boards/dry erase boards. Alternatively, you can stick/glue thin magnetic strips to the back of the posters to hang on a white board. Note that not all white boards are magnetic. 

Buy inexpensive poster frames

Plastic lightweight poster frames gives your posters a professional look and are available for both the small (11x17") and large (18x24") posters. Some of them can be used as double-sided frames if they are not going to be permanently hung on the wall. The frames offer more protection for posters than the alternatives, but they can be more difficult to carry and store due to their bulk and weight. 

Store posters in an art portfolio

Portfolios made from inexpensive paperboard, durable plastic or even leather can be found at local craft/art stores. The 20x26" size works well for storing the large posters flat. Most come with carrying handles for easy portability. Posters with or without foam board can be easily slipped inside when not in use. 

Roll posters and store in a tube

The large posters fit in a 20" tube. Most tubes will hold 10 posters easily. Poster tubes are less bulky and easier to transport than portfolios. However, posters will be a little curled from being rolled up. Laminated posters will flatten out easily, but unlaminated posters tend to stay curled.

Share methods have you found helpful for displaying or storing your posters or other visual aids in the comments below.

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