Desktop Poster Display

$26.00 USD

Now with five new posters!

Our freestanding Desktop Poster Display is a portable visual aid that you can customize to fit your needs. The display features 20 sleeves that hold any of our small size (11x17") posters. You choose which of our posters to include (or buy one of the Display Sets with 12 or 20 posters) and then arrange them in any order!

Choose one of these options: 

1. Display only (purchase any small posters separately).

2. CBE Only Display Set (12 Posters) includes one of each of our 12 small childbirth education posters at $20 off of the retail price.


3. Full Display Set (20 posters) includes all 12 posters in the CBE Display Set plus the Breastfeeding Poster Set (4 posters) and the Newborn Poster Set (4 posters). Save $26 off of retail!


The Desktop Display can hold up to 40 posters, allowing you to add your own visuals or have both English and Spanish versions of the posters front to back.  

This plastic pop-up display binder with 20 sleeves, a business card holder and durable cover with cloth sewn edges, comes with or without posters. Display folds flat when not in use (12.5" by 19" by 1"). Display holds small size posters only (11x17").

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