What is a Curriculum?

What is a Curriculum?

"Curriculum" is a broad and sometimes confusing term that can have many meanings. Some people call workbooks for parents, PowerPoint slides, or the combination of several of these a "curriculum." 

We use a broader and more historical definition for curriculum: a plan for learning

We believe that a curriculum should be designed to prepare the educator to teach. It should guide the educator through the process of developing a course, show them how to organize and present information, and most importantly, help them engage students in the process of learning. 

Our Childbirth Curriculum

Plumtree Baby's third edition Childbirth Curriculum was published in early 2019 after nearly a year in development (and over 8 years since the original was written). It includes a flexible framework to guide all aspects of a childbirth course, including big-picture course goals, specific teaching strategies, class activities and more. These pieces work together to provide an adaptable and comprehensive resource.

New Educators

After completing training, new childbirth educators are often faced with the challenging process of writing their curriculum and lesson plans from scratch. This time-consuming and frequently frustrating process can detract from other efforts to start a career as a childbirth educator, such as marketing or gaining teaching experience. Hundreds of new childbirth educators have used our curriculum as an alternative to writing their own, saving them time and energy. 

Experienced Educators

Our curriculum includes a wide-array of topics, dozens of class handouts and activities and flexible lesson plans. The curriculum corresponds to our parent workbooks, making it easy to switch to using a new workbook. Experienced educators who are looking to revise or upgrade their teaching resources or lesson plans appreciate how easy the curriculum is to use and customize the content to meet their needs. For those who do not need the full curriculum, we offer several alternatives

We encourage you to choose the tools that will help you save time and provide the best solution for your needs. We are happy to answer questions about these resources. Email us or schedule a call!