Marketing Your CBE Business - Part 1

Many independent childbirth educators think only of teaching classes when they are just starting out. We quickly realize there is more to it. As independent CBEs, we are also essentially running a business. Since teaching requires students, and getting students requires getting the word out, successful educators must invest time and money in some marketing strategies. This can be daunting, but this 2-part blog series outlines a simple checklist to help make the task a bit more manageable. 

1. Name Your Business 

You can advertise using “Childbirth Classes” but it may work better to use something a little more unique or catchy. Consider incorporating one of these:

  • Your name (First or Full name) (ex: Birth Prep with Becky)
  • Birth related name (ex: Belly to Baby)
  • Name with your location (town, county, state, etc) (ex: Windy City Natural Childbirth)
  • Name inspired by something you love (hobby, place, family, etc) (ex: Coffee and Birth Talk)
  • Name inspired by your personality (ex: Gentle and Joyful Birth)

Once you have a name finalized, choose your business color scheme and style (modern, vintage, bold, pastel, etc) and then use this style in all of your marketing efforts (brochures, website, etc). You may also consider having a logo created using an affordable graphic designer or logo creation service to help your business be more recognizable.

2. Get online

The internet is the number one go-to resource for information. Fortunately, you do not need a computer science degree or even need to know anything about coding in order to put up some quality online information. There is a wide range of simple platforms available for the average person to publish a website (Weebly, Wordpress), as well as many easy-to-use social media outlets. Getting online also does not not necessarily need to cost much, if anything. Be sure your website and social media include:

  • Your location 
    • City and State
    • Specific class location (if taught outside of your home)
    • Full address, map and/or directions
  • Contact information
    • Phone
    • Email and/or contact form
  • Upcoming class schedule (3 to 6 months)
    • Start dates (include the year)
    • Times
    • Description of classes or services
  • About you
    • Your background/experience
    • Your credentials
  • Social media
    • Links to your business accounts
    • Recent social media posts (apps can integrate with your website)
  • Blog
    • News and announcements
    • Articles or thoughts you write related to your field/specialty
    • Summary or review of helpful websites, apps or books
    • Links to references
    • Local resource recommendations
    • Upcoming classes
    • Testimonials or guest posts from former students

3. Print Marketing Materials

You’ll want to do some in-person recruiting as well as being online. Always have some print materials with you, so you can hand out your information to networking partners (area midwives, doulas, chiropractors, hospitals, etc.) and to potential students. You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to have quality, custom materials in hand. Many online services have ready-made templates and we offer a full line of custom branded handouts and booklets that are sure to impress. All you need to do is find one you like, plug in your information and place your order. 

  • Brochures and handouts with helpful tips for clients
  • Postcards or fliers about your upcoming classes
  • Business cards

These first steps are important starting points to getting your teaching business off the ground, but you can take things even further - now read Part 2 of this series to see how! 

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