You might be a CBE if...

You have multiple model pelvises (with one that is your "favorite").

On occasion, you've misplaced one and been known to ask around if anyone has seen your pelvis recently (this question is often followed by strange looks).

You are always looking for fun, interactive and memorable ways to teach cervical dilation (fruit visuals and playdoh? Sure!).

You tell your friends more than they ever wanted to know about birth as soon as they announce their pregnancy. 

You make your own stages of labor games. 

You get excited when you get a new pregnancy anatomy poster.

You get asked if you deliver babies whenever you share your profession with strangers.

You've learned to stifle your sigh when people tell you they never realized there was such a thing as childbirth classes. And your bigger sigh when people ask why they would need to take a class when the doctor just tells you what to do. 

You have a large collection of random items that you use in class including pool noodles, tennis balls, balloons and string.

You have more birth announcement photos on your wall than pictures of your kids.

When shopping, you are always trying to find the right size baby doll to use in class (that doesn't look too creepy).

Your reading wish list is full of pregnancy and baby books even through your youngest child is 15 years old.  

You sincerely cannot understand why anyone wouldn't take a childbirth class... it is so fascinating, important, and there is so much to know!

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