New Birth Choices Book!

We strongly believe in the value of well-rounded prenatal education. One of the first resources we developed was a book called Thoughtful Decisions. It provided a tool to help parents understand their options, identify their preferences, and communicate positively with their birth team. We have woven elements of this book into our other resources and use a plum symbol in our books to remind parents of important topics or questions to consider to make thoughtful decisions about birth.

We are thrilled to announce that Thoughtful Decisions has been completely updated and expanded, and it even has a new name: Birth Choices! This new book simplifies the process of identifying and communicating preferences into four clear, practical steps. It is an interactive resource that encourages parents to write down their thoughts and preferences, and provides tools to find a supportive care provider and birth location. Check out a preview and see if this resource will be helpful for your upcoming classes!

Here is what some reviewers have said:

“I want to give this book to every pregnant person I meet.” Katie I.

"Birth Choices is the perfect workbook to explain the culture of birth in the United States. It emphasizes positive, open communication between the birthing person and the care provider and advocating for themselves." Jessica V.

"One of the best resources I've seen that puts all the relevant information for making the big choices and putting together a birth plan in one place." Denise B.

"This book was power packed with information for new parents!  I appreciated the balanced approach to birth with gentle reminders that birth does not have to be all natural or all medical." Vanessa F.

"A great way to introduce clients to their options for childbirth early on in their pregnancy." Katie L.



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