Digital or print resources - Which one is right for your clients?

Providing clients with digital class handouts has grown in popularity, especially over the past few years. If you are offering virtual or hybrid classes or just considering digital materials for your in-person classes, read on for more information to help you decide which option is best for your clients.

Digital Resources

Digital resources include anything that can be accessed through your phone, computer or other electronic device. They can be resources you create yourself (document/PDF), resources you share with permission of the author/owner or resources you purchase to access/use (ebook, etc.). 


  • Available instantly.
  • Convenient and readily accessible.
  • May be more cost effective than printed resources.


  • Reading comprehension is lower with digital text.
  • Can cause overwhelm and mental fatigue. 
  • May need to toggle between apps/screens which can reduce focus.

Printed Resources

Hard copies of books, handouts or packets have been used for decades in childbirth classes. Just like with digital, these resources may include materials you create yourself or purchase from a publisher


  • Research suggests better comprehension and retention with print.
  • Easier to take notes and filling in answers to questions.
  • Provides a break from excessive screen time.


  • Can be more costly and depending on your materials budget, you may  provide fewer print resources that digital.
  • May require shipping and planning ahead.
  • Can be misplaced or damaged.

Which one is right for your clients?

Choose digital if...

When you are extremely busy, cost is a big factor or convenience is key, digital books may be the best option. You're likely want to avoid the hassle of creating your own handouts and opt for  professionally designed resources that are ready to go. 

Plumtree Baby offers several convenient and affordable options for digital books. We even include a free Companion Workbook for Preparing for Birth which parent can print and fill-in during class (helping you provide the best of both print and digital).

Choose print if...

If you are concerned that parents are tuning out or not retaining information, you may find print resources are the way to go. (In fact, many of our customers report that their clients prefer have printed materials when surveyed.)

Print materials can be used for virtual classes with a little planning. You can order them in advance and have parents pick them up before class or have them shipped directly to clients. 

To ship directly to clients, simply add books or packets to your shopping cart on our website and enter your client's shipping address during checkout. Complete separate orders for each client. Most orders ship for just $5. (If you have more than 10 clients per month, contact us to set up a custom bulk order form.)

If you are still unsure which option is best, ask your clients for feedback or give them a choice of either option. It is also important to evaluate which option is the most convenient and cost effective for you. 

We are always happy to help! Use our websites' chat feature or email us with questions or schedule a consultation to request a quote for customized direct shipping. 

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