A Seasoned Educator Shares Her #1 Tip

A few months ago, I visited with my friend, Courtney. She's a veteran childbirth and infant care educator, having taught hundreds of families over the past decade.

She's passionate about ensuring that new moms and dads have the information they need to feel confident and secure in their parenting journeys.

Spending time with her is transformational: I always walk away inspired and so do her clients.

We were chatting about our experiences as childbirth educators and she credited her success to her dedication to simplicity.

In a world with unlimited information at our fingertips, she believes the SIMPLICITY of her classes has helped her better connect with each family.

But what did she mean by SIMPLICITY? I asked her to explain.

Early in her career, Courtney told me that she found herself sucked into the trap of trying to teach parents everything she knew. 

She expanded her lesson plans, added more handouts, started recommending dozens of books…

Sometimes more is better, but not for her clients, she said.

She quickly found that parents were overwhelmed and frustrated with the amount of information and materials she gave them.

Having a baby is already daunting, but pile technical information and lengthy books on top of it, and parents started to tune out.

After a few years of teaching, she found her groove and pared-down her lesson plans and materials to just the basics.

Her clients responded by feeling at ease in each class instead of on edge and worried they'd miss something, or anxious about their "homework."

And her enrollment increased to the point that she had to create waiting lists!

I walked away from our meeting with the understanding that we can all learn from Courtney's story and save ourselves and our clients from the struggle of being overwhelmed.

Putting Simplicity into Practice

Over the past few months, our team at Plumtree Baby has worked hard to infuse Courtney's approach into the materials we were developing.  

Our latest resources reduce the complexity and volume of information about postpartum topics into one neat, hassle-free package. 

We recently published our brand new Postpartum and Baby Care Starter Package. This is your all-in-one solution to providing your clients with just the right amount of information without feeling overwhelmed.

The package provides a complete curriculum, including flexible lesson plans, the matching PowerPoint, and all the visual aids you'll need, including 10 copies of the best-selling Settling In With Baby parent book.

Simply open the box (and files), take a little time to familiarize yourself with each lesson, and you're off and running.

There's no need to chase down additional handouts, books, or other resources.

We've done it all for you because we believe you deserve easy-to-use, high quality materials that will make a lasting difference in the lives of the families you serve.

Whether you're brand new to teaching, or a seasoned pro like Courtney, if you're looking for the very best in postpartum and newborn care curriculum, this is for you.

*This blog post was modified from an email we sent out in December, 2023, but we felt like it was too good not to share on our blog. It spurred a fascinating email conversation with one of our customers, which resulted in a blog post of it’s own. You can read that here.


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