One of the overarching themes that we’ve tried to include in Plumtree Baby materials is the idea of thoughtfulness. To us, thoughtfulness is the idea of approaching each family, each topic and each activity with good intentions and well-thought-out objectives. Whether the objective is to inform, encourage, excite, or prepare students and clients, doing so mindfully and with respect is at the heart of each of these.

Some benefits of a thoughtful, client-based approach include:

  1. A deeper level of trust between the expectant parent(s) and the educator, care provider and/or doula.
  2. An increased level of student engagement
  3. A higher rate of client/student satisfaction
  4. A teaching environment that encourages more student participation and interaction

How can you incorporate the idea of thoughtfulness into your classes or prenatal consultations?

First, assess your teaching materials and topics by asking if each tool or idea serves a purpose. Can clients relate to the materials or information being presented? Is there an expected result or outcome you would like each student or client to have or experience? If so, what is it?

Second, ask if each resource (film, book recommendation, visual aid, activity etc.) will be useful and define the outcome you would like to see. If you cannot define the outcome or clearly pinpoint the way in which each resource will advance or educate your clients, consider not using it. Those topics or activities that only serve to fill time, or which are being used largely out of habit, may not be assisting your students/clients at all.

Building a thoughtful class series or care program means that professionals should constantly be reassessing their offerings. Offering your clients useful, up-to-date, evidence-based information that will help them to achieve a safe, healthy, and satisfying birth experience, is at the core of the thoughtfulness concept.

Now it’s your turn: 

What does thoughtfulness mean to you? Do you incorporate this concept into your practice and, if so, how? What are some examples of thoughtful behaviors, tools or resources that you have come across or used in your business? How do you feel that a thoughtful approach impacts your clients and students? Leave a comment below.


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