5 Gifts to Give Yourself for Mother's Day

mother's day gifts you can give yourselfOur children are a source of all kinds of love, adventure, fun and joy. They are also a source of a lot of work, time, energy and attention. This Mother’s Day, you will likely receive priceless gifts from your children: handmade crafts, flowers they picked themselves, thoughtful cards, breakfast in bed, and lots of warm (possibly sticky) hugs and kisses. We know that you wouldn’t trade the world for all of these gifts, but we also know that sometimes, Mom needs a timeout too, with a chance to refresh and renew herself. What better occasion than the day set aside to honor mothers, to give yourself a priceless gift as well? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. A professional massage or pedicure. Ask around for local recommendations and make it a priority to get a massage or pedicure on your calendar. Plan several weeks ahead, ask a friend or family member to keep the kids, and save up. Time and money are always in short supply, but the occasional quiet hour of pampering just for you is not an indulgence. It is a necessity. And, the health benefits of massage are well documented.
  2. A new journal. Writing down the funny phrases your kids utter, the daily struggles and the big and small blessings in your life can be healing, motivating and give you a lasting gift. It is a treasure to be able to look back on these years that go by too fast and remember all of special times. Plus, a journal gives you perspective on your life and writing regularly forces you to take a few minutes of quiet time every day.   
  3. A one-day mom-cation. People who work in offices plan in advance and request time off. Moms need sick days, personal days and vacation days too. Put in your request for a vacation (mom-cation) day. Schedule a day for someone to take the kids, and spend the entire day in your pajamas, with your feet up, enjoying a big bowl of popcorn, a hot beverage and a handful of your favorite movies. Take a break from movies with a long bubble bath surrounded by your favorite music and flickering candles. Plan to get absolutely nothing accomplished, then follow through.
  4. A lunch date with that friend. You know the one - your good friend that you don’t see nearly often enough, but when you do, you have the best time and the best conversation, and it’s like no time has passed at all. Life always seems to get in the way of that quality adult girl time, so make it a priority for her and for yourself. Be sure to schedule enough time so you don’t feel rushed and don’t bring your kids!
  5. A class. You probably have a skill or hobby in mind that seems like a lot of fun, but you’ve never gotten around to learning it. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn how to sculpt, upholster furniture, arrange flowers, play the piano, or think it would be great to know how to swing dance. Maybe you’ve been meaning to take a self-defense class. Look into it and see what local opportunities are available, and go ahead and sign up. You’ll learn a lot, have a lot of fun and be so glad you did.

Bottom line: this Mother’s Day, find a way to make yourself a priority. It is time, and you deserve it!

Share this with moms you know who could use these ideas! Also, write a comment and share what gift you gave yourself this year. 

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