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Imagine that you have been dating a wonderful man for some time, and he just proposed marriage. You can’t imagine spending the rest of your life with anyone else, so you joyfully accepted, and now the exciting adventure of planning a wedding has begun!

For many women, her wedding is something that she has spent many years imagining. She is often deeply entrenched in making plans for the big day that reflect the unique styles and personalities of herself and her future husband. She often wishes to honor her and her groom-to-be’s shared history and bring together their families and friends, who have been a part of their journey, and who have supported and loved them as they have grown into the people they are today. A wedding is a beginning, a symbol of two lives joining and starting a new life together and most couples want the day to reflect this as much as possible.

While in the beginning, wedding planning can seem like a dream come true, the reality is that there are many decisions to be made and a lot of work and planning involved. From the major decisions like where and when, to the more minor details like colors and flowers, couples often devote countless hours to making sure everything is as perfect as can be. Chances are that the couple will do a lot of research regarding these decisions and will talk to friends about their experiences. They will consider all sorts of factors, including finances, the roles others will play and their expectations for what they want from the professionals they hire to assist them.

Anyone who has planned a wedding or been part of one knows that without a lot of focus, education, research, planning and preparation in advance, a beautiful wedding does not just “happen.” If she wants a meaningful, beautiful and joyful wedding, a bride cannot simply pick a day, show up and hope everything goes well. Most of us know that it doesn’t work to “wing it” when it comes to a wedding day unless you truly have no expectation or preferences for how it happens.

Now to the heart of this analogy: Is the birth of your child any less important than your wedding?

Just as a wedding is not simply a means to an end, pregnancy, labor and birth are also not simply something to blindly get through in order to get a baby into your arms. You only get one opportunity to have this baby. Doing your research, talking to other parents, interviewing potential care providers, and taking a childbirth class will keep you from feeling like you’re “winging it” when the day arrives. This education will help you know what to expect during labor, give you the foundation to make decisions for yourself and your baby, help you avoid a cesarean, prepare your partner to support you, and help prevent you from feeling blindsided by things that you don’t understand. Though there may be things you can’t plan for, an education and goals will help you calmly get through those situations and help you make the best of whatever labor brings your way.

It matters how your baby enters this world. Plan ahead, prepare yourself, and get educated for your own sake as well as your baby’s. Don’t just “wing it.”


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