Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Pregnant Mom

If you are pregnant this Valentine's Day, do something special to honor your love for your partner and your unborn baby. When you are relaxed, and feeling loved by and connected with your partner, oxytocin (the hormone responsible for labor contractions) flows freely in your body. Valentine’s Day offers the perfect day to totally focus on your love for each other and create a relaxing environment, which will be enjoyable and just might make it more likely that you will go into labor (if you are full term).

12 Ideas Valentine's Day

Write a love letter or poem to your unborn baby telling him how much you love him and are looking forward to meeting him soon.

Take a walk with your partner and talk about what your hopes and dreams are for your baby.

Practice a variety of labor comfort measures together and talk about what is helpful for your partner to do to support you during labor. 

Check out the mobile Labor Comfort Guide for a step-by-step guide. 

Take a long bath and sprinkle flower petals in the water. Add candlelight and your favorite aromatherapy to set the mood. Your partner can join you if your tub is big enough for three!

Toast your love with a “mocktail” or sparkling juice. 

Treat yourself (and your partner) to a pedicure, manicure, massage or other relaxing “spa” service.

Talk about what you need to make your pregnancy more comfortable. Ask for a body pillow or pregnancy support belt, or suggest your partner help with household chores instead of buying you a gift.

Make a Valentine’s card for your partner and tell them all of the things you love about them and are thankful for, including their soon-to-be role as a parent.

Give each other massages and if your due date has passed, ask your partner to focus on your back, hands and feet where acupressure points exist that might help get labor started.

Do a maternity photo shoot (or use your ultrasound photo) and frame a picture to give to your partner.

Curl up by a fireplace, listen to your favorite music and enjoy this time together before baby arrives.

Be intimate. The oxytocin released during intimacy might just bring on labor.

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    Rebozo, hands, essential oils, hot/cold pack…plus so many others

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