Are cartoons a good teaching tool?

Cartoons hold an enduring appeal—they've entertained us in childhood, made us laugh on social media, and even found their way into educational materials for childbirth professionals. Yet, while fun illustrations can make topics like labor seem gentler or add a touch of lightheartedness to serious subjects, the question remains: do they adequately prepare expectant parents for the reality of childbirth and the early days of parenthood, or do they downplay the intensity of these experiences?

Labor is a profound, transformative experience. Can a series of smiley faces and simple line drawings capture its essence? There's a concern that cartoons might downplay the reality, leaving new parents somewhat unprepared for the actual experience. When the going gets tough, will these illustrations have done enough to brace mothers and fathers for the journey ahead?

Incorporating cartoons and illustrations into educational materials that are dated or poor quality might inadvertently create a disconnect for modern parents. When visuals resemble a bygone era, some couples may perceive the information as irrelevant to their current circumstances, even though the essence of childbirth remains unchanged.

Certainly, there are instances where illustrations are preferred over graphic photos or videos—like when explaining sensitive procedures such as episiotomies. However, for topics such as labor stages, newborn care and breastfeeding, exposure to more contemporary photos and videos could potentially better equip parents for what lies ahead. Familiarity with the real experiences might normalize these processes, making them less daunting.

Striking a balance between various media types—real photos, quality illustrations, and expert guidance—could be the most effective approach. This blend allows couples to gain awareness without becoming overwhelmed. By receiving diverse forms of information and support, they can better align their expectations with the actual labor and postpartum experiences.

For those seeking resources that strike this balance between real photos and illustrations, here are some favorites:

Childbirth Education Poster Set:

Preparing for Birth PowerPoint:

These materials offer a thoughtful combination of visuals and guidance, providing a comprehensive approach to childbirth education without neglecting the importance of realistic depictions.


Amber Canaan, Copywriter & Marketing Consultant, R.N.

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