Teaching Tips: Teach Your Passion

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Teach Your Passion

This is our number one Teaching Tip because it is so important. When you are passionate about something, you go above and beyond, you learn all that you can, share your passions with others and make a difference in people's lives. Passion attracts people, it inspires learning and it can be infectious. Passion is more than simple enthusiasm; it is a drive to deeply understand your teaching topics, to thoughtfully plan your classes and to sincerely care about the needs of your students. 

Teaching requires passion in order to truly reach parents and inspire them to seek the best for themselves and their babies. If you find that you are lacking passion for your work, change what you teach or how you teach it, take time to recharge, or learn something new and inspiring. We hope our Teaching Tips series will help, too! 

We want to hear from you: what are you passionate about and what do you do if you find your passion waning? 

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  • Plumtree Baby

    Congratulations to Karly! She received a gift from us for leaving a comment. :-)

  • Marcia Hyde

    I am passionate about helping women work through their fears to have a satisfying birth. No past birth experience or genetics will determine your birth story. Each birth journey is unique, but it should be one that you accept as your own journey and take responsibility to do it the best way you can, and you deserve to do it without fear or judgment. I consider it part of my job description to undo everything the media has done to damage women’s views of birth (a tall order, but I’m an optimist so I’ll try anyway!). Whenever I get discouraged, it helps if I remember how scared I was at one time in my life. I have to remember that there are women out there that want to get educated, and I’m there for them. That’s my calling.

  • Sarah Sorvillo

    I am passionate about women and families starting their parenting journey, feeling empowered to make decisions for themselves. I think pregnancy is the first step into parenthood and if I can help them find their voice by providing them with evidence-based information, that can start a long path of them repeating the action, long after birth. The world could use more confident parents. When I feel my passion waning, I take a step back and enjoy my own family or take a siesta. Sometimes you just need to sleep on it, or realign with those things that mean the most to you.

  • Karly S

    I am passionate about women (couples) having informed choices. A lot of time that means a lot of research on my end to give concise & accurate information. When I feel overwhelmed or in a funk with research I do take a step back. Give myself time to regroup with a day off, a movie with my kids, or even just a coffee break to let my brain rest. :)

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