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Fear and Safety Cycles Posters – Plumtree Baby

Fear and Safety Cycles Posters

$12.00 USD

This illustration, found in our Preparing for Birth book, demonstrates how interruptions, annoyances or fears can negatively affect a laboring woman. In comparison, the poster demonstrates the benefits of support, privacy and respect. This illustrations provides opportunities for open discussions of fears and strategies to maintain a comfortable environment during labor. Fear and Safety Cycles is included in the Childbirth Education Poster Set. See a detailed preview:


Available in two sizes: large 18" by 24" or small 11" by 17". 

All posters are full color and laminated. Reading Level: Grade 8 - Adult.

Available in English, French (small only) and Spanish (small only). For large posters in French or Spanish, please contact us for a special order

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