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Breastfeeding Booklet

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Our Breastfeeding booklet provides an overview of the basics for helping get breastfeeding started off right. Great for lactation educators, counselors or consultants to give as a resource to clients to help summarize important information. This booklet is full of modern color photos and illustrations. 

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Topics include:  
Why Breastfeed Your Baby, Steps for Success, Breast Anatomy, Breastfeeding Hormones, Newborn Instincts, Positions for Breastfeeding, Hunger Cues and Transferring Milk, Ever-Changing Breast Milk, Newborn Digestion, Latching, Challenges, Supplies for Breastfeeding, Your Health, Breastfeeding and Working, Introducing Solids, and Weaning, Extended and Tandem Breastfeeding.

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8.5 by 11" bound and 3-hole punched booklet. 24 full-color pages. Reading Level: Grade 7 - Adult. Appropriate for Baby-Friendly Certified Hospitals. 

Available in English and Spanish. 

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