What's New in the Breastfeeding Your Baby Book?

Our company is dedicated to ensuring our resources are up-to-date and accurate. From time to time, we make minor edits to our materials and publish a summary of these changes to ensure our customers are informed and able to make updates to their curriculums or lesson plans as needed.

Breastfeeding Your Baby (v2.4)

We are pleased to share that the Breastfeeding Your Baby book has just been updated to version 2.4. There are some minor changes from the previous version (see below) that improve the flow of topics and ensure these books are up-to-date on the latest practice recommendations.

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Changes from the previous version:

1. To improve the flow of information, the "When to Feed" and "Bringing Baby to Breast" sections were moved to follow "Hunger Cues" (page 8). 

2. "Latching and Feeding" was moved to follow "Milk Transfer" (page 9).

3. We added information on managing leaking breast milk (page 14).

4. "Lip Tie" information has been edited to reflect recent research (page 15).

5. We added information on burping your baby (page 16).

6. We added mental health information for breastfeeding mothers (page 20). 

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The latest Breastfeeding PowerPoint (v4.1) and Curriculum (v2.3)  already include these updates, so there is no need to make changes to your lesson plans or PowerPoints if you're using these editions.

If you have questions or need additional information on these updates, feel free to contact us.


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