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Breastfeeding Packets

Versatile & Comprehensive Lactation Resource

Your clients turn to you for advice, support and help overcoming feeding challenges.

Giving them a take-home packet of materials not only provides useful guidance and reassurance, but also gives a marketing boost your business.

The Solution

Custom Breastfeeding Packets

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Breastfeeding Packets Include:

Breastfeeding Your Baby Book

A 24 page guide for breastfeeding.

Custom Pocket Folder

Our design team designs a folder that features your logo and branding.

Business Brochure

We include a custom 2 page brochure with details about your business to pass along to clients.

Do your education materials work as hard as you do?

Clients come to you to help them through one of the most challenging times of their lives - having a new baby. They need answers, support and encouragement, which you gladly provide. But what happens once they leave?

If they can't find answers from the materials you provide, they'll turn to Google - which can be frought with misinformation.

What if you could give your clients ONE comprehensive resource that covered the important topics in detail: from the very first feeding, to managing common challenges and more that they can reference anytime they need it?

And best of all, what if it were affordable and customizable?

Breastfeeding Packets are the solution!

Packets include A

Breastfeeding Your Baby Book

Breastfeeding Basics

Packets include a comprehensive guide to assist parents through the first weeks of breastfeeding. The guide provides answers to common questions and contains information on managing breastfeeding challenges. 

Customized Content

Packets are custom designed to match your business brand. They contain personalized content about your business, helping to promote your services and elevate your reputation as an expert. 

Testimonials from Happy Customers


They work great!

We have been using these packets for the past 2 years. They are helpful, beautiful and an excellent resource for parents to take home. Plumtree Baby delivers beyond what is expected!

Practice Manager

Job well done

All of the information is presented in a non-biased way, everything is accurate, up to date and very helpful!

Kathy K.
Labor and Delivery Nurse

Pregnancy Preparation 101

I absolutely love the literature that I’ve received from Plumtree Baby. The beautifully designed information is highly informative and easy to read & understand. I’m extremely excited to be able to provide this information to all of my clients. This is definitely taking my business to the next level!

Jessica E.

Very nice products

Items were shipped quickly, and the products are great. We would purchase again.

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Los Angeles, CA
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Breastfeeding Packets are ideal as a resource for lacation consultants, pediatric clinics, birth centers, hospitals or health care providers to provide to prenatal or postpartum clients.

Packets are also an excellent resource for prenatal classes that include breastfeeding or baby care topics, and for postpartum doula clients. 

These packets are the perfect choice for anyone who works with pregnant or postpartum families. They simplify your educational offerings, helping to streamline your budget and save you time and effort!

Custom branded packets include a custom branded pocket folder, brochure about your business and Breastfeeding Your Baby book.

Packets are available starting at $7.50 each! A minimum order of 250 applies.

This price includes all costs - from the custom design to the assembly - no additional charges apply.*

We also offer bulk discounts for purchases of 500 or more. Contact us for a quote.

*Shipping is not included in this price.

We completely custom design the pocket folder and brochure to match your business branding.

However, custom packets include a standard Breastfeeding Your Baby book (with our branding). Because our branding is minimal, most of our customers opt to stretch their budget and not to customize the book.

Branded books are available for a few dollars more per packet. Contact us for a quote.

Absolutely! Our standard Breastfeeding Packets are available in any quantity. Featuring a stylish pocket folder, Welcoming brochure and Breastfeeding Your Baby book, these packets are perfect for smaller orders.

Breastfeeding Your Baby books can also be purchased on their own in any quantity.

You can use the "Order Now" button to place your order through our website or contact us for a quote to pay by check or purchase order, or for bulk discounts on multiple titles/languages.

Next, review the design guide for tips for the information you'll need to provide after ordering.

Once we receive your order, we'll send a link to the design form where you can submit your logo, design options and other details.

We are happy to discuss your project in advance or schedule a design consulation prior to ordering.

Customize Your Packets Today!

Upgrade your education materials and see better engagement with your clients right away.

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Breastfeeding Booklet
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Breastfeeding Packets-Packet-Plumtree Baby
Breastfeeding Packets
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Breastfeeding Pocket Guide-Book-Plumtree Baby
Breastfeeding Pocket Guide
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Nursing Your Baby Quick Reference Guides - Pack of 50-Handout-Plumtree Baby
Nursing Your Baby Quick Reference Guides - Pack of 50
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10 pack digital book access codes-Book-Plumtree Baby
10 pack digital book access codes
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