10 pack digital book access codes

$60.00 USD

Purchase bulk access codes for any of our digital books.

Sold in sets of 10 codes that are valid through December 31, 2022.* (For single copies of digital books, go here.) Select the title you wish to purchase in the drop-down box above and add to cart. Codes will be delivered to your inbox within 1 business day of purchase. Available titles:

Contact us if you need to purchase 50 or more codes. We are happy to offer a price discount or custom branded options. 

Digital books can not be shared, downloaded or printed and only one household per login is allowed. 

How to Redeem

Provide one code per student/couple. We'll send you detailed directions with your order that you can share with your students. Direct clients to https://plumtree.pro/ebooks (or you may copy the link to the specific title purchased using the links above or in the left sidebar menu). Provide parents with a unique access code and direct them to enter it in the "ecoupon" box (see image).


Codes are valid for the specific title purchased and can not be transferred between titles. The codes are manually processed and will be sent to your inbox within 1 business day of purchase.

 *At this time, digital purchasing options are temporary to provide assistance to birth professionals and their clients during the pandemic. We will provide access to the digital books through June 30, 2023. We will continue to evaluate the needs of birth professionals and parents, and reserve the right to make changes to the digital book programs at any time, including altering or cancelling the sale of access codes.  

For further questions and information on this product, please see our FAQ or feel free to use our chat feature.

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