Early Pregnancy Resources

Early Pregnancy Resources

When parents learn they are expecting a baby, they often have many questions as they start to consider what this news means. What is normal? What can I do/not do during pregnancy? What can I do to safely help me feel better? 

Searching the internet for answers can lead to confusion or worse, harmful or out-dated information.  

As birth professionals, it is important to provide parents-to-be with clear and user-friendly information that answers questions and offers guidance without being overwhelming. Our brand new Prenatal Welcome Packets are the perfect tool for the job and come with big benefits for your business, too!


Prenatal Welcome Packets


Make a great first impression! Available in standard or custom, our Prenatal Welcome Packets include a folder, customizable brochure,* and our brand new Healthy Pregnancy booklet.

Not only can you provide a professional and comprehensive resource, you can promote your business at the same time. 



*A custom 2 to 4 page brochure is included in our custom Prenatal Welcome Packets.