Free Companion Workbook for Preparing for Birth

Our new third edition Preparing for Birth books in English or Spanish come with a free PDF workbook. 

The Companion Workbook helps reinforce learning and can serve as a review tool or an in-class quiz. This fantastic resource includes key topics for birth, comfort measures and postpartum/newborn care. It also includes the birth preferences and labor cheat sheets found in the back of the Preparing for Birth book. 

How to get a copy

Each digital or print version of Preparing for Birth includes a QR code and link to download the Companion Workbook for free. Encourage your clients to use this link!

Alternately, educators can print one copy per client or share this link to the Companion Workbook with clients who receive a Preparing for Birth book. [For the Spanish Companion Workbook, click here.]

The workbook can be filled out electronically or printed for personal use.*

We hope you and your clients enjoy this updated tool. Leave a comment below to let us know what you think!



 *Preparing for Birth and Preparing for Birth Companion Workbook are copyrighted materials owned by Plumtree Baby, LLC with all rights reserved. Printing and copying of any Plumtree Baby material is limited to pages specifically marked with the text "Permission to print is granted for personal use with the purchase of Preparing for Birth from Plumtree Baby."  Pages not containing this text may not be copied, printed or reproduced. Permission to print and copy this content is for personal use only. Resale and commercial distribution are strictly prohibited under copyright law.

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