Settling In with Baby

An All New Book Simplifying 
Postpartum Education


An All-In-One Guidebook for New Parents

Postpartum Care

Having a baby brings a flood of emotions, physical changes and anxiety for most new parents. The postpartum care section addresses all of the top concerns to help your clients manage these changes. 

Newborn Care

Ease your clients' minds with a complete section dedicated to newborn care. They'll discover everything from routine healthcare procedures and newborn behavior, to the basics of caring for their new baby.


Take the stress out of breastfeeding with practical tips and helpful photos designed to reassure and instruct your clients. They'll gain confidence as they establish their breastfeeding relationship from day one.

Frustrated with Expensive, Outdated and Hard-to-Understand Materials?

It's hard to provide an exceptional experience for your clients when you are dealing with confusing and dated materials. With the ever-changing landscape of maternity care, your clients expect current information with an appealing and modern feel. It's time to say goodbye to overpriced materials from years ago.

What if you could give your clients ONE comprehensive resource that covered the important topics in detail: from the physical and mental challenges of postpartum, to caring for their new baby and breastfeeding all in one beautiful, engaging book?

And best of all, what if it were affordable and customizable?


An Easy to Use Educational Guide for New Parents

Settling In with Baby

Our newest book is designed to educate, support and encourage your clients as they take this momentous step into parenthood. This resource will answer all of their questions while working to alleviate their fears.

For busy childbirth professionals, Settling In with Baby is the #1 choice for postpartum education because of its low price and simplicity. It offers breathtaking full-color images, and features modern styling mixed with sophistication. Settling In with Baby has a relatable feel that your clients will treasure.

This book will become their go-to resource during this pivotal moment in their lives.

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Testimonials from

Happy Customers

Very impressed

I was really excited to see responsive care for newborns emphasized again and again! I'm also really excited about having these three topics in one book.

Johanna T.

Nested Mama

Complete book on the newborn experience

This book covered all aspects of bringing baby home and postpartum. I will order for my clients as a postpartum gift.



Good, reliable information

Easy for patients to understand. The pictures were especially helpful. The breastfeeding section is very informative. The BF positioning pictures are great.

Kara K.


A perfect new parent companion

I love that this is such a complete concise new parent resource, from A to Z. When reviewing common routines at birth, the wording is "procedures/tests offered" - empowering wording for parents to be actively involved in the decision making regarding their baby's care, right from the start!

Karen S.


An easy read on basic care of the newborn

This is a very approachable and beautiful book. The photos are so lovely and the information is presented in a way that is very easy to read (considerate for the new moms). I love some of the visuals... for example, the image of what a baby can see at different ages, that is so nice to help parents understand where things are clearest.



Postpartum Education - Reinvented

You want your clients to feel supported and connected. Settling In with Baby is the tool that they'll come to see as a trusted friend. Because it offers a comprehensive guide to all things postpartum, you won't waste money on multiple resources covering various topics. And, your clients will appreciate not being overwhelmed with a bag full of reading materials. 

One simple, easy-to-read book with gorgeous photography will ease their fears and instill confidence in their new role. This 80-page book dives into topics such as: 

  • Physical recovery after birth
  • Handling postpartum emotions and mental health
  • Adjusting to parenthood
  • Newborn health
  • Newborn characteristics & behavior
  • Caring for baby
  • Breastfeeding
Select from Three Options


$5.60 - $8.00


Provide clients with an affordable 80-page guide to all things postpartum. Bulk discounts available.


$8.00 - $9.00


A flexible and convenient option you can personlize for your clients. Bulk discounts available. 


$7.75 - $11.50


Add your own branding and personalized content with a custom upgrade. Minimum order of 250 applies.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can this book be used?

Settling In with Baby is ideal as a postpartum discharge resource for birth centers, hospitals or health care providers.

It is also an excellent resource for prenatal classes that include postpartum and baby care topics, and for postpartum doula clients. 

Settling In with Baby is the perfect choice for anyone who works with pregnant or postpartum families. It simplifies your educational offerings, helping to streamline your budget and save you time and effort!

What topics are included?

Settling In with Baby includes content found in the Newborn Care and Breastfeeding Your Baby booklets, along with a postpartum recovery chapter. Topics include:

  • Physical recovery from birth
  • Postpartum emotions and mental health
  • Adjusting to parenthood
  • Newborn health
  • Newborn characteristics & behaviors
  • Caring for a newborn
  • Breastfeeding
  • And more!

How much does it cost?

Settling In with Baby books are $8 each. Bulk discount pricing begins with orders of 10 or more. Custom branding is available for orders of 250 or more, for just $7 per book.  

Packets are available starting at $9 each with the option to upgrade to custom branded for just a few dollars more!

Is this available with custom branding?

Absolutely! Custom books include your logo, title, cover image and more to create a one-of-a-kind resource completely customized for your business. 

Custom packets are also available featuring Settling In with Baby, plus a customized brochure about your business and a custom pocket folder. 
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