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Prenatal Welcome Packets

Welcome New Patients in Style

You want to educate and empower your clients to help them have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

The best way to do this is to provide a take-home packet of materials at your first appointment to guide, reassurance and support your clients.

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Prenatal Packets

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Prenatal Welcome Packets Include:

Healthy Pregnancy Book

A 24-page guide for prenatal health care, nutrition, exercise and more.

Pocket Folder

A beautiful, professional-looking folder that holds all of your materials.

Labor Guide

This double-sided brochure includes information to help parents recoginze the start of labor and understand the birth process.

Are your materials in need of an upgrade?

We often hear that educators are tired of their plain, mis-matched and uninspiring resources.

Their materials don't reflect their business and their are often under-utilized by clients.

What if you could give your clients ONE comprehensive resource which answers common pregnancy questions and provides evidence-based information to achieve a healthy pregnancy?

And best of all, what if it were affordable, engaging and professional?

Prenatal Welcome Packets are the solution!

Packets include this popular book:

Healthy Pregnancy

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Healthy Pregnancy Books Include Information on:

Understanding Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings many changes and parents benefit from a simple overview of what to expect, along with helpful tips to manage common challenges and discomforts, which this book expertly provides.

Prenatal Healthcare

This book helps parents understand and participate in their medical care during pregnancy. It also inlcudes waring signs and precautions, to help alleviate fears and promote healthy choices.

Steps to Health

From coping with stress, to proper nutrition and and exercise, and more, this book includes practical and easy-to-follow steps to improve health during pregnacy.

Testimonials from Happy Customers


Pregnancy Preparation 101

The beautifully designed information is highly informative and easy to read and understand. I’m extremely excited to be able to provide this information to all of my clients.

Jessica E.

Awesome Resource

Very professional looking and colorful!
Thank you for your product!


Prenatal welcome packets

Love the prenatal welcome packets! They arrived quickly and on time! I'll definitely be buying more.


Wonderful resources at a great price!

As a doula and childbirth educator, I love Plumtree Baby resources. They are informative, unbiased, and well laid out, all at a great price.

Doula and CBE
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The Perfect Welcome for New Clients

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Upgrade to Custom

Take your resources to the next level. Prenatal Welcome Packets can be ordered with custom branding which features your logo, brand colors and more personalized content!

No more piecing together resources or wasting time creating them from scratch - upgrade to our professional, branded packets that are unique to your company.


Custom Branded Packets

Upgrade to Custom

Compare Standard and Custom Packets

Standard Packets Include:

- Green pocket folder with diverse imagery

- Healthy Pregnancy book

- Labor Quick Reference Guide

Starting at $6.50 and available in any quantity

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Custom Packets Include:

- Custom designed pocket folder with your branding

- Healthy Pregnancy book

- Branded Labor Guide

- Optional business brochure

Starting at $7.00 with 250 min. order

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Level-up your education materials and see better engagement with your clients right away.

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Preparing for Birth Book-Book-Plumtree Baby
Preparing for Birth Book
Healthy Pregnancy Booklet-Book-Plumtree Baby
Healthy Pregnancy Booklet
10 pack digital book access codes-Book-Plumtree Baby
10 pack digital book access codes-Book-Plumtree Baby
10 pack digital book access codes
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Prenatal Welcome Packets-Packet-Plumtree Baby
Prenatal Welcome Packets-Packet-Plumtree Baby
Prenatal Welcome Packets
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