Amazon Finds Part 5: Setting the Scene

Welcome back to our Amazon Finds series! Today, we're diving into five unique items you can incorporate into your classes as a childbirth educator to enrich the learning experience for expectant parents. From creating a serene atmosphere to providing visual aids for understanding anatomy, these picks from Amazon are sure to enhance your curriculum.

LED Candles: Setting the Scene for Relaxation

Illuminate your classes with the soft, flickering light of LED candles. Perfect for teaching relaxation techniques, these candles help create a tranquil environment where parents can practice coping with labor pains through meditation and breathing exercises.

Essential Oil Diffuser: The Scent of Comfort

Aromatherapy can play a crucial role in labor and delivery. An essential oil diffuser allows you to introduce scents that relax or energize, demonstrating how different aromas can influence mood and pain perception during childbirth. Be sure discuss allergies, sensitivities or scent likes/dislikes with your class before using aromatherapy.

Bluetooth Speaker: The Sound of Serenity

Music and soothing soundtracks can significantly impact the birth experience. Use a Bluetooth speaker to show how music can be a calming influence during labor, encouraging parents to consider packing one in their hospital bag. Using a speaker during your relaxation sessions will further drive this point home.

Affirmation Cards: A Calming Mindset

Help your clients achieve a calm and confident mindset as they prepare to give birth. Reading affirmations aloud or sharing a few cards with clients can be an excellent way to start or end a class or pair affirmations while practicing other relaxation techniques. 

Portable Whiteboard: Promoting Understanding and Recall

Whether you're highlighting key points, drawing diagrams, or jotting down questions, a portable whiteboard is an indispensable tool for engaging and interactive teaching. Its versatility and portability make it a must-have for educators on the go.


These Amazon finds are more than just gadgets and tools; they enhance your teaching and provide a richer, more engaging class experience. Explore these options to see how they can fit into your curriculum and help expectant parents feel more prepared and connected to their birth journey.

Stay tuned for more installments in our series. If you've discovered any great products that could benefit childbirth educators and their students, we'd love to hear about them!

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