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The Birth Process

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Just the facts for labor and birth!

The complex process of labor and birth is easy to understand using the visually-rich pages of this booklet. Parents will have a solid foundation for their prenatal education and gain confidence and reassurance as they learn what to expect during labor and birth. They will learn to recognize the signs of labor, understand the physical and hormonal changes that occur during labor and birth, and appreciate how the mother and baby work together during the process. Labor variations, cesarean births and VBACs are included to help parents prepare for unexpected situations and learn of their options. Note, this book is also a chapter in the Preparing for Birth book.

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Topics include:

Anatomy, prelabor, length of pregnancy, contractions, stages of labor, cardinal movements, behavior/feelings in labor, labor variations, induction/augmentation, cesarean, VBAC, and a two page visual summary of labor. 

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8.5 by 11" bound and 3-hole punched booklet. 24 full-color pages. Reading Level: Grade 7 - Adult. 

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