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Small Business and Independent Educators

Whether you are just starting to teach courses, or an experienced educator looking to change or grow your business, Plumtree Baby has the modern and appealing resources to support you and your clients.


childbirth course curriculumParent Educators need a curriculum to help develop and guide the classes they teach. The curriculum is a tool that gives an overview of the course goals, provides practical teaching strategies and aids in the development of lesson plans. 

Developing a curriculum is challenging and time consuming. Why reinvent the wheel? We offer complete curriculums for both Childbirth and Breastfeeding education, printable Class Handouts and Activities and our quick-start Instructor's Guide to help you get started teaching using our Preparing for Birth parent book. 

Visual Aids

posters childbirth education class course visual aid

Clients learn through many different ways and having a dynamic and interactive class is key to keeping parents engaged. Visual aids play an important role. Our up-to-date Posters and  PowerPoints can be used in a variety of interactive and fun ways to reinforce learning. Best of all, you can choose from many different formats, topics and languages and always have the right resource for each class. 


Parent Workbooks

Parents seek many different sources of information when learning about pregnancy, birth and beyond. Many times, these sources can be inaccurate, out-dated or overwhelming. Having a trusted resource that is factual and easy to digest is extremely useful to parents and Plumtree Baby's booklets are the best resources for this purpose (just read the reviews)! 

posters childbirth education class course visual aid
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