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Postpartum and Baby Care Packets

One Resource for All Postpartum Topics

The first few weeks after baby arrives can be stressful. From managing their physical recovery, balancing the demands of a newborn and learning how to breastfeeding, unprepared parents can feel overwhelmed.

Providing clients with a trusted resource that answers all of their questions and alleviates their fears can make welcoming a new baby more comfortable, healthy and enjoyable.

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Postpartum and Baby Care Packets

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Postpartum and Baby Care Packets Include:

Settling In with Baby Book

An 80-page guide for postpartum, newborn care and breastfeeding

Pocket Folder

A beautiful, professional-looking folder that holds all of your materials.

Welcoming Handout

This double-sided handout prepares parents for the experience of having a new baby.

Do your education materials work as hard as you do?

Clients come to you to help them through one of the most challenging times of their lives - having a new baby. They need answers, support and encouragement, which you gladly provide. But what happens once they're not in your care?

If they can't find answers from the materials you provide, they'll turn to Google - which can be frought with misinformation.

What if you could give your clients ONE comprehensive resource that covered the important topics in detail - from the first moments with baby to healing from birth and more - that they can reference anytime they need it?

And best of all, what if it were affordable and easy to use?

Postpartum and Baby Care Packets are the solution!

Settling In with Baby

Packets include this incredible book:

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Settling In with Baby Books Include Information on:

Postpartum Recovery

Parents are given instructions on physical, mental and emotional health, speeding recovery and more, in easy-to-read sections along with beautiful, instructive and diverse photos.

Caring for Your Newborn

Parents learn what to expect from their newborn in terms of behaviour, appearance, health and needs. With up-to-date imagery and engaging content, parents won't want to put this book down.


Along with informaiton on formula and bottle-feeding, this book provides a comprehensive chapter to assist parents with breastfeeding from the first feeding through the first weeks.

Testimonials from Happy Customers


They work great!

We have been using these packets for the past 2 years. They are helpful, beautiful and an excellent resource for parents to take home. Plumtree Baby delivers beyond what is expected!

Practice Manager

Job well done

All of the information is presented in a non-biased way, everything is accurate, up to date and very helpful!

Kathy K.
Labor and Delivery Nurse

Great product!

I absolutely love the literature that I’ve received from Plumtree Baby. The beautifully designed information is highly informative and easy to read & understand. I’m extremely excited to be able to provide this information to all of my clients. This is definitely taking my business to the next level!

Jessica E.

Excellent booklet for my breastfeeding class

This booklet is well organized and the pictures are very helpful for my patients.

Lactation Educator

Perfect! Exactly what I needed!

It's easy to understand, has great pictures and has useful information in a short amount of space. Just right for keeping my clients attention.

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Take your resources to the next level. Postpartum and Baby Care Packets can be ordered with custom branding to cohesively align with your business!

No more piecing together resources or wasting time creating them from scratch - upgrade to our professional, branded packets that are unique to your company.


Custom Branded Packets

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Standard Packets Include:

- Pink pocket folder with newborn images

- Settling In with Baby book

- Welcoming handout

Starting at $8.50 and available in any quantity

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Custom Packets Include:

- Custom pocket folder with your branding

- Settling In with Baby book

- Branded Welcoming handout

- Optional business brochure

Starting at $8.50 with 250 min. order

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Settling In with Baby Book-Book-Plumtree Baby
Settling In with Baby Book
Postpartum and Baby Care Packets-Packet-Plumtree Baby
Postpartum and Baby Care Packets-Packet-Plumtree Baby
Postpartum and Baby Care Packets
Sale price $11.50 Regular price $13.15
Newborn Care Booklet-Book-Plumtree Baby
Newborn Care Booklet
Welcoming Your New Baby Handouts - Pack of 50-Handout-Plumtree Baby
Welcoming Your New Baby Handouts - Pack of 50-Handout-Plumtree Baby
Welcoming Your New Baby Handouts - Pack of 50
Postpartum Quick Reference Guides - Pack of 50-Handout-Plumtree Baby
Postpartum Quick Reference Guides - Pack of 50-Handout-Plumtree Baby
Postpartum Quick Reference Guides - Pack of 50