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Thoughtful Decisions - 20 Pack – Plumtree Baby

Thoughtful Decisions - 20 Pack

$75.00 USD $45.00 USD

Discontinued! Packs of 20 books are on clearance while supplies last.

Thoughtful Decisions has been replaced with a new title: Birth Choices. Preorders for Birth Choices will be available soon.

Expectant parents may need to navigate many options and choices, and make many decisions during their pregnancy and birth. This interactive booklet includes a step-by-step process for developing a "Birth Plan," helps parents identify their goals and priorities, and aids in the communication of their preferences for labor, birth and beyond. This is a popular resource for birth professionals to give to clients and discuss during prenatal appointments.

20 pack of books. 8.5 by 11" bound and 3-hole punched booklet. 12 full-color pages.  

 © 2015 Plumtree Baby.

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