We have been busy in 2019!

We have been busy in 2019!

We believe that current, professional resources are essential to providing quality childbirth and early parenting education. We also believe that it is crucial to listen to and respect the needs of our customers. Last year, we outlined plans for product enhancements, focusing on consistency and usability. We have released many new and updated resources over the past six months and are pleased to share these improvements with you.



We want to make teaching as easy and stress-free as possible. Our Childbirth Curriculum is one of our core products. In February, we released a new edition to correspond with parent book updates. Updates also include companion resources:

If you are not sure which resource you need, you can compare options and find FAQs here.  


Parent Handbooks

Information, styles and needs change over time. A few of our booklets needed to be overhauled to meet your evolving needs. The response to these updates has been excellent.

Birth Choices 

Birth Choices is a step-by-step guide designed to help parents understand their birth options and provide tools to communicate with their birth team. This book replaces the Thoughtful Decisions and Natural Childbirth booklets. 


Healthy Pregnancy

Our new Healthy Pregnancy booklet (formerly Prenatal Wellness) was just published and debuted to hundreds of midwives at the ACNM conference in Maryland. It is the perfect guide to offer newly pregnant clients/patients and is available as part of our new Prenatal Welcome Packets.



Preparing for Birth

We are pleased to announce that a new version of Preparing for Birth will be available on 6/14. With minor updates, including a more comprehensive medical interventions section, this book just keeps getting better. 


All of our parent handbooks have corresponding PowerPoint programs that contain key points and visuals contained in the handbooks. The new editions were published earlier this year to correspond with the release of our new parent handbooks.