Updates to Preparing for Birth 2021

We believe up-to-date and accurate materials are essential for childbirth education. We continually evaluate and revise our resources to ensure you and your clients always have access to the best information. 

Announcing Preparing for Birth v2.4

The latest printing of our Preparing for Birth book (v2.4) includes some minor phrasing updates to make it even easier to read and comprehend. Most educators would not notice the difference between this version and the previous version with the exception of one page that was in need of a more extensive re-write.

The Second Stage: Pushing content received a bit more attention. This page still includes the same information as before but is laid out and written more clearly. You'll find parents have a better understanding of pushing after reading this revised text.

All orders placed after 1/1/21 include this new version.  

Keep in mind, we also offer a FREE companion workbook that students can download to enhance their learning.  


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