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Community Support Project

Our Community Support Project is again underway! One of our goals as a company is to support and educate new mothers and families in all circumstances. For the past three years, our Community Support Project has provided free educational resources to birth professionals in the United States who work with low-income, teenage and/or disadvantaged women during pregnancy and birth. Once again, we are accepting requests for materials from birth professionals. If you work in this area and are in need of resources or teaching supplies, please visit our Community Support Project webpage for more information and complete the form to submit your request. Resources are limited and there is a review process to ensure only qualified individuals receive materials. 

Donate to our project

We are accept donations to help us fund our Community Support Project and we could use your help! Is your business growing and you have some spare change or have you received a donation from us in the past and are able to pay it forward? Even a $5 donation will go a long way to help us serve more birth professionals and families in need. 100% of your donation will go to provide resources for our Community Support Project. To make a donation, click here and simply add the dollar amount of your choice to your shopping cart and complete your purchase. (Donations are not tax deductible at this time.)


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