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Preparing for Birth 2nd Edition Improvements

The newly updated second edition of Preparing for Birth will arrive in a few weeks! We know it can be frustrating to have to modify your lesson plans, so we wanted to give you an idea of the changes you'll see. Not to worry - it did not undergo a complete overhaul! Look for these improvements:

  1. New cover and updated photos on many pages.
  2. Revised second stage information on page 10 to be clearer and allow for more normal variation for second stage expectations.
  3. Added a summary of new ACOG recommendations to Labor and Birth Preferences (page 26).*
  4. Consolidated all water birth information onto one page.
  5. Added an introductory page to give a more visual description of a newborn.
  6. Changed the order of the newborn section to flow better. This section is now ordered Overview, Appearance, Procedures, Newborn Care, Breastfeeding.
  7. Made it easier to find and read the newborn guidelines for when to call the care provider. 

    For more information, view a preview of the entire book here. We are excited to share this new and improved second edition with you and hope you enjoy using it!

    *To have space for this summary, we kept the questions but no longer have fill-in lines on this page. We know that many of you use this page as a class activity, so we've created this printable PDF of the questions with the lines included for you to save and print free of charge.

    Julie Olson

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