Our Year in Review

Our Year in Review

As we get ready to welcome 2020, we are taking a quick look back at 2019. Check out our quick video review of our year!


Did you catch all of that? It has been a joy for our team to work on so many fantastic publications and to receive the positive reviews from our customers! Thank you for being a part of our amazing year!

It you are looking for any of the items featured in the video, use these links:


Childbirth Education Curriculum

Thoughtful Childbirth PowerPoints

Birth Choices Booklet

Healthy Pregnancy Booklet

Preparing for Birth

Finding Comfort

Labor Comfort Pocket Guide

Following the Birth Booklet

Prenatal Welcome Packets

Postpartum Quick Reference Guides


Coming in 2020!

In 2020, we are releasing a brand new Breastfeeding Packet that provides essential information to help get breastfeeding started off right. It includes a fully custom folder and two page brochure about your business. It is an affordable and time-saving marketing and education tool for busy lactation professionals! 

Get a quote before February 14, 2020 and we will include a branded Breastfeeding Essentials or Formula & Bottle Feeding handout in each packet (a $200 value)!