Updates to our Breastfeeding Resources

Teaching lactation classes just got easier. We've just published two upgraded resources that integrate and provide you with convenient and comprehensive breastfeeding class materials. You'll love how easy it is to use our new curriculum!

Breastfeeding Curriculum - Second Edition

Our Breastfeeding Curriculum has been upgraded!  This new second edition features all new lesson plans, discussion prompts, activities and more. It saves time, keeps you organized and helps you create fun, engaging classes. Here's a summary of all of the new features:

  • Two new streamlined, easy to use lesson plans (2 or 4 hour classes)
  • Added teaching topics including pumping, hand expression and more
  • All new handouts (5) 
  • New and updated class activities (5)
  • All new course development section (20 pages)

The curriculum is available for instant download or you can purchase a digital/print combination and get five FREE BONUS Breastfeeding Your Baby books! Print and digital copies are in full color. 

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Breastfeeding Your Baby Booklet - Version 2.2

Our newest version of Breastfeeding Your Baby booklet has a few minor updates that affect the page numbers for some topics. We reorganized a portion of the breastfeeding challenges topics to improve the flow and make the content easier to read. These topics have moved or changed:

  • Breast Size and Nipple Structure - moved to page 13
  • Low Supply and Oversupply - moved to page 14
  • Tongue and Lip Tie - moved to page 15
  • A Rough Start - moved to page 16
  • How to Get Help - expanded and added to page 16
  • Jaundice - removed to make room for more general information on feeding a sleepy baby

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If you are using the corresponding Breastfeeding PowerPoint, you can easily rearrange the slides to match with the book using the thumbnail window in Microsoft PowerPoint to drag and drop each slide. Here is a summary of how to do it. 

For further questions and information on these products, please see our FAQ or feel free to use our chat feature.

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