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Natural Childbirth Booklets on Clearance

At Plumtree Baby, one of our primary goals is to provide the most user-friendly and efficient childbirth education materials available. To achieve this, we have listened carefully to the needs of our customers over the years and worked hard to revise and adjust based on your feedback.

As a result of this ongoing product evolution, some of the same content is presented in several booklets. We included a large portion of Natural Childbirth in the more recently-published Preparing for Birth. We also included other portions in the second edition of Thoughtful Decisions. Natural Childbirth is now almost fully incorporated into other booklets, so it is being discontinued and all remaining stock is on clearance. You can save now while supplies last.

Along with Natural Childbirth, the Complete Set of booklets, as well as the Basic Set, are being discontinued. Each of the booklets included in these sets (other than Natural Childbirth) will continue to be published and sold individually, including Prenatal Wellness, The Birth Process, Finding Comfort, and Following the Birth.

Please feel free to send us a message or post a comment with any questions you have. Thank you for your support!

Julie Olson

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