Direct Shipping to Clients

Over the past year, many childbirth educators have converted from in-person to online classes. Despite this change, many parents prefer to have a printed book or packet of materials they can use to follow along in class. We have a solution that can help!

Books shipped directly to your clients

Order any of our parent workbooks and we will ship them directly to your clients. The shipping cost is typically around $5 per address! This affordable and convenient option helps you continue to provide high quality and interactive education materials to parents during this challenging time.

Shipping takes about 3-5 business days, so we recommend you place your order 1 week in advance. 

To order, simply add the book title(s) to your cart and enter your client's address as the shipping address during checkout. For multiple clients, place separate orders.


If you serve more than 20 clients per month, contact us to set up a custom direct shipping service.  

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