Direct Shipping to Clients

Direct Shipping to Clients

We are all navigating uncharted territory as we adjust to the impacts from the coronovirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Many childbirth educators are converting their in-person classes to online classes. This option makes it difficult to provide printed materials to supplement your classes, but we have a solution that can help.

Books shipped directly to your clients

You can now order any of our parent workbooks and we will ship them directly to your clients. The shipping cost is just $5 per address! This affordable and convenient option helps you continue to provide high quality and interactive education materials to parents during this challenging time.

Shipping takes about 3-5 business days, so place recommend you place your order 1 week in advance. Use the button below to place your order.

We can also send handouts with the books or even assemble a custom prenatal or breastfeeding packet. Contact us to create your custom package.