A look back at 2016 – Plumtree Baby

A look back at 2016

2016 has been an eventful year at Plumtree Baby! Take a look at the updates and new resources we created this year! 

Brand new Preparing for Birth book

We merged three popular resources into one complete guide for pregnancy, birth, postpartum and newborn care. Our Preparing for Birth book has become a staple in hundreds of childbirth courses taught around the country and beyond! Learn more about this update here


Complete Update for our Thoughtful Childbirth PowerPoint Program

We revised our Thoughtful Childbirth PowerPoint Series and Breastfeeding PowerPoint with a new design and even more streamlined content so that it flows perfectly with our booklets. Parents can see stunning visuals in these customizable PowerPoints and easily follow along with the coordinating content in their own books.

Expanded our Spanish Resources

Our brand new Breastfeeding booklet in Spanish was published in September! In addition, we have our Nursing Your Baby Quick Reference Guides and four Breastfeeding posters in English and Spanish. All of these resources are all appropriate for Baby-Friendly® locations and promote practices shown by research to improve breastfeeding initiation rates and duration. 

Brand New Newborn Care Resources

We created an instant hit with our four Newborn posters that were published in September. Then we followed up by publishing three new matching tear pads just last week. These resources offer a modern and up-to-date alternative to teaching parents about newborn needs, appearance, procedures and more! 


Julie Olson

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